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Fading Reminiscence

To remember the ecstasy of a passion combined with beauty, is it better to have never had it, or to have and then lost it completely.
With Loving Acceptance
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The Gift Of Loving Acceptance

We pray for the gift of loving acceptance, another soul that understands all the pieces of us and welcomes every shard with open arms.
Thats My Poker Face
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That’s My Poker Face

My loneliness went away the more alone I became, disconnecting from everything else and connecting with myself. But some days...
Halls of hallucinations, Soulcraze poetry
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Halls of hallucinations

Stuck in a loop of hallucinations that I helped to create, each door I use to try to escape is an entry right back in.
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A reflex to self-preserve

"Being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it scares you."
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Taste the music on your skin

Spinning my web and being trapped by your Venus, wrapped in the minora of your flora.
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This is my hell

In the blind chase of something else I allowed life to strip you from my fingers, and now I'm just mad at myself I guess. This is my hell...
My favorite poison
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My Favorite Poison

Fulfilling its cravings. Even though our trips to the moon always ends in fuck you. The truth is you're my favorite poison.
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An Entrepreneurs Journey

Many hear the call, but only some decide to take the journey. For reasons that are understandable. The monsters they fear are real, but it's worth facing and fighting them. The alternative is waiting and fighting yourself at the end, and that is a fight you will never win.