Daily she seduces me,
welcoming me back to her cold embrace.
Void of comfort,
But laden with inspiration like a fertilized vineyard.
I question my attachment and why I miss you so much,
All you have been to me is cruel.
Robbing me of smiles,
Bringing clouds to my sunny days-
This is all you do.
Still I long for your touch,
Your detached despair brings me unusual clarity.
A perverted sense of direction,
Empty of happiness,
But filled with avidity.

This illogical longing
Can only lead to nights of saturated anguish.
A self destructive hiatus of predictability,
Where ghosts are manufactured with industrious efficiency.
All set on timers to explode,
To further uproot and send tremors through my life.
O temptress, this is all you’ve promised,
Why have you deemed this torment mine?

Periodic moments of joy I’ve began to cherish
Knowing that you lurk.
Awaiting the perfect moment
To initiate your seductress work.
Inevitability plays in a whispering loop,
Your slithering tongue singing deceptive promises.
Nibbling on the ear lobes of my subconscious
With your poison coated lips.

I’ve become aware of all you wish to take from me.
Why won’t you just set me free?


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