Taste the music on your skin

Spinning my web and being trapped by your Venus, wrapped in the minora of your flora.

Tuning it’s strings
I can taste the music on your skin.
Soft rhythms over rosey notes
The sweet cadence of their vibration
An invitation pulling me further in.

Here you sit
Where I lay…
Lips being engraved on every curve
Blissfully shackled by lust.
Tongue and finger tips
Using touches like words
With primal sips from your trough.

Spinning my web
Being trapped by your venus,
Wrapped in the minora of your flora.
Pieces of an equation
With their combination
The likeness of an Aurora,
Spanning across the vastness
Of this room’s darkness.

Your burning desires enacted
On a stage in a play
No curtains welcomed to stop it.
From the top,
Let’s rehearse each line again.
This time you’ll direct,
Show me your range,
Drown me in your passion.
Perform like it’s your last night in town
and I’m your audience.
The next kiss cues the scene,
Make it a memorable performance.

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