I get trapped in that moment…
Their pools of beauty
Takes me to a place
Obvious to the heart
But to the eyes unseen.
Where the petals of roses are softer,
And leaves are a more vibrant green.

A place where the sun
Always shines a bright golden.
Where each sentence uttered
Seems like a poem.

Hear the songs the birds sing
Traveling on the wind,
Tickling your senses.
Their targeted melodies
Chirped in a symphony
Describing me as I am,
Naked and defenseless.

Right there…
Your eyes tell a story
Words struggle to express.
Losing control of my own,
Admiring your artful finesse.
My truth serum,
what else would you
Like me to confess?

This gets a hold of me every time,
How do you keep pulling me in?
At my weakest is where you get me,
There’s no use even resisting.

Whirlpool of thoughts sinking in
A vice gripped addiction.
Paradise displayed in a mirage
But oh how I feel welcomed.

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