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A stabbing emotion locked away gasping for air,
“Freedom; Let me loose, I must be free”, it cries.
Wanting to transform and fall onto welcoming ears…
Thoughts of what might happen and what should happen
But only thoughts and no action…
A mistake repeated by a fool,
Trapped in a prison of his own construct.

So summers went by and the winters did too.
The springs weren’t any better,
The thoughts were especially cruel.
Hearing the birds' mellow melodies,
The changing colors, the shedding trees.
Trapped through all four seasons,
Marooned in fear, caged by gloom.
Cries from a hidden voice,
a butterfly cocooned.
Wanting to fly and display its transformation
From what was merely simple,
To what is now magnificently complex.

Then came the breaking point
Like waters through a dam.
“I love you…
I love you with all that I am”
It took me long enough,
All the wasted seasons…
Fly Sweet butterfly,
Break through your tomb.
Be free from your prison.

“I love you”…

Now Fly sweet butterfly
And let the world smile at your beauty.
Let your wings cover the sky,
And fill everyone’s heart with music.