Dancing with Time: Embrace Life’s Dualities

Dancing with Time: Embrace Life’s Dualities


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What does it mean to live,
To be and to invite life in,
To accept its dualist theme.
To welcome the night, the day,
Its comforts, the pain,
Welcome it all,
As life’s gifts along its trail.

To live is to dance with time
Embracing both joy and sorrow,
Cherishing moments sublime
In every hopeful tomorrow.
To be is to breathe with intent,
To find purpose in each breath,
In the journey, to be content,
And embrace life’s little deaths.

To invite life in is to dare,
To open your heart and soul,
To let the world become aware
Of the beauty that makes you whole.
Accepting dualities that sway,
In the grand tapestry we weave,
For without darkness, there’s no day,
Without sorrow, joy can’t conceive.

The night, a canvas for dreams,
The day, a stage for hope’s play,
Each moment, a thread that gleams
In the fabric of life’s display.
Its comforts, like a warm embrace,
A soothing balm for wounds that scar,
The pain, a reminder to face
Life’s challenges, near and far.

Welcome it all, the highs, the lows,
The laughter, and the tears,
For every twist in life bestows
A chance to conquer fears.
As life’s gifts along its trail,
Each experience, a cherished part,
Together, they shall unveil
The masterpiece of the heart.

So live, embrace, and invite it all in.
The journey’s end we don’t foresee,
Yet in the tapestry of life’s light,
We can find our purpose and set ourselves free.

Music: Here I go again by Whitesnake

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