Embrace The Shadow: Finding Strength in Pain

Embrace The Shadow: Finding Strength in Pain


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I embrace the pain,
It calls, and I welcome it.
That’s my damage, my bane,
In the depths, I never quit.

On the winding road of life,
Treading through shadows,
On the chosen path.
Bearing its heavy lonely load,
The pound of flesh required.

In the darkness,
I find strength,
Beneath the weight,
Embracing scars of every length,
They’re the candlelight
Illuminating my darkness.

The hurt,
It whispers in my ear
A haunting melody of despair,
Refusing to let it define or steer.

Within this pain,
I find my truest kin,
The darkness within me,
My eternal twin.
It shares secrets,
Ancient and profound,
Transforming dark corners into playgrounds.

Its fire cleanses my soul,
I find a glimmer of hope’s embrace.
With a wounded heart, I’m whole,
In brokenness, I find grace,
The blessing of more wisdom
With every labor faced.

Once bitter,
Now it’s sweet on my lips.
No longer anxious by the sunset,
I watch it casting its hues,
Waiting to face the night,
Welcoming the darkness.

Unchained from sorrow’s dance,
I’ll journey on with a soul unbowed.
In brokenness meant for defeat
I find chance,
Seeing sprouts from seeds sowed…
Putting my faith in fate.

Music: The Script – Hall of Fame ft. Will.i.am

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