An Entrepreneurs Journey

An Entrepreneurs Journey


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On the bow
Of an entrepreneur’s journey.
Sails set for unsure seas,
Mapped by a vision
Only my mind’s eyes can see.
My sweet mistress
Can be so demanding,
But she fuels my odyssey.

Starting the journey
Was supposed be
The happy ending.
But you realize after,
You’re sailing into the wind and
This is just the beginning.
Fighting to get back
To somewhere
I’ve never been,
Only seen.

It fits like insanity,
I keep going further.
I’ve been injured
On this road before,
Follow my bloody trail.
From falling,
To hanging by a harness
over the abyss.
Now climbing higher,
Haven’t we already heard this tale?

Maybe you have.
But in our world,
It happens in reverse.
We fight the monsters
To get to the battle
With Ignorance as our Poseidon.
Pushed of course,
The omnipotent wind
Is not known to pardon.

We lay awake at night anxious,
Wondering if this will work.
Did I make the wrong choice?
Did I take the wrong path?
Why can’t I get to shore?

Then we drift away,
Our mind gives us a break.
We fall asleep,
Then back awake.
Without a second thought
“I’m rowing as hard as I can,
Because today could be that day”.

Getting to the battle is what matters,
Even if a thousand monsters stand in the way.
Why it simply needs to be done
Is hard to explain.
But doubt will not be the cyclops
that traps me in its cave.
And if youre on the same journey,
Then you probably feel the same.

If it feels like this,
Then it must be love.
Or maybe I’m insane
But that too would be okay.

Warning: uncensored

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