Fading Reminiscence

Fading Reminiscence


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With the fibers left in my spindle
I weave you into these last lines.
A fading reminiscence,
The final dance of souls intertwined.

These strides mark the last time
I’ll walk down the road that
Echos this memory in my mind.

The love we shared
Felt like a piece of forever
Trapped in a moment,
But it was only transitory.

My short stint in heaven
Before I fell off its edge
Was one of beauty.
I never got the chance to say,
But without knowing
You saved me.

I settled into my cold prison,
A lifetime of empty connections,
A cul-de-sac of shallow passion.
You came like a force of nature
Tearing down the walls
That had me guarded,
And walked in.

You disarmed me with what
I thought no longer existed.
Reignited the flames to a fire
I thought could never be relit,
Reminding me how it felt
To be touched by magic.

So I’ve saved a piece of you
Here in my heart,
A special place
Sealed in a vacuum
Frozen in time.
A place where
Darkness never came for us,
We’re both still there,
And you’re still mine.

A never ending story
Of a life saved
And a heart revived
Woven into these last lines.