Frozen Echoes: A Melody of Numbness

Frozen Echoes: A Melody of Numbness


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I lay my hand on my chest,
Searching to feel it beat,
Confirmation that it's still there,
Alive but numb.
Is that the meaning of this lack of feeling,
Is my heart turning to stone,
Lost in a world of monotone?

A melody once flowed like rivers,
Through the chambers of my soul,
But now I'm tangled in this silence,
Frozen in a heart that's grown cold.

Where once emotions danced like fireflies,
Now there's an emptiness that I can't evade,
Each day a struggle to grasp the colors,
As my heart slips into a distant shade.

The laughter of life, once so vivid,
Now echoes as a distant tune,
The touch of love, a fading memory,
Lost beneath this growing moon.

Connections that once held me close,
Now seems to slip through my grasp,
As if I'm a sailor adrift at sea,
Caught in a never-ending lapse.

Yet deep within this icy core,
A whisper stirs, a longing wakes,
A memory of warmth and tenderness,
A reminder of the love that still aches.

May warmth find me in these depths unknown,
Unfreezing the heart that feels like stone,
Let love's fire melt away this chill,
And let my soul once more be whole.

Music: Feel Again by OneRepublic

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