God I’m calling, do you hear me?

God I’m calling, do you hear me?


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If you hear me
Send me a sign
So I know you’re there…
Sitting here in this moment I realize
I asked but had no idea
How to interpret the answers to a prayer.

I prayed to be saved
God made me resilient
I wished for my storms to end
I was given strength to withstand anything
I asked for a path out of rock bottom
I was given wisdom to release
The chains holding me down

I almost lost faith
Because I thought you stopped listening
But you were giving me the answers I needed
To questions life repeats over again
The key to my pain was the solution
The alley of darkness my cocoon
The betrayals
For my callused armor
That guards the mind I sharpened
When I was alone.

You’re there…
Thank you for answering
I now see the beacon.