Gravity My Old Friend

Gravity my old friend, I feel you pulling down on me.

Is gravity working against me,
is that truly what wants to bring me down.
It’s not only me is it?
Am I the only one caught up in its unbreakable hold?
Newton says gravity has its grasp on us all,
but this fall I’m on seems to be me alone.
Can this be it?
Should I just give up?
I must choose, yet I know not what to do.

If Newton is right,
then he too has had this plight.
Then I’m not alone on this fall,
I’m not alone in this fight.
Gravity is not my enemy,
No! it’s my call to flight.
It’s nature’s tug within me,
to evolve and soar to great heights.

It’s the call within us all,
whether to fly, run, walk or crawl.
The call to be better,
the call to raise from every fall.
The ground and dust is our friend,
from there we all have evolved.
I can now see my true rival,
inside me he hides from the light.

Oh fear within me,
with you I have my fight.
Stay down you say,
and just give in.
Why try when you’ll never win?
That might be true,
I may not win.
But this I know,
from deep within.
I will fly, run, walk or crawl,
to the very end.

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