Growing Into The Unknown

I can’t see you but I know you are there,
You are so alive in me
yet I can’t pinpoint where.
Is it in my head, have I finally lost it?
Or are you destiny calling out to me, fighting to exist?
I can’t help but reach out to you, yet you seem to always evade my grasp,
Like oxygen, like air,
Ever present, future and past.
Why do you summon me,
Should I beware?
Or should I come boldly,
Abandoning all doubts, dispelling all fear?

Are you the one I seek,
my future, my true life?
Or could you be my destruction,
The hidden path to my demise.
No time to think nor sit back and decide,
Voice unknown, yet now my only guide.

I call you by name, you know who you are,
Growing daily to see you,
Believing you truly are.
You are me, I am you.
You are, we are.
My future already realized,
My dreams before my eyes.
Once simply on the pages of my mind,
Now I’ve believed you into life.

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