Halls of hallucinations

Halls of hallucinations, Soulcraze poetry
Stuck in a loop of hallucinations that I helped to create, each door I use to try to escape is an entry right back in.

I had my part in creating
This place I find myself in.
Midway between detoxing
From this venom
And injecting it further
Into my veins,
A reservoir for my pen.

It’s a clear picture
Even with no consideration.
Imagine escaping from your prison,
Leaving undetected
But bringing a beacon.
Just drag me back
And tighten the straps,
Flip the switch
Put me out of my misery,
Turn the lights out
In these halls of hallucinations.

Openning my eyes
Swearing this time I’m free,
Then turning over
Face to face
with another mismatched piece.
You’re next to him
She’s here with me,
Nothing is as it should be.
Why didn’t I stop myself
From creating this reality?

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