I am Afraid Because

I am Afraid Because


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I'm afraid.
And there's no single or simple answer for the reason.
I'm afraid because of the color of my skin.
I’m afraid because that alone seems to be a weapon.
I’m afraid because we’re told we have freedom,
And then we see what that really means
From the way we are treated.
I'm afraid because what should never happen does again, and again.
I'm afraid because it’s dangerous simply being black
In the world we’re “living” in.

I'm afraid because I wake up full of hope and this weighs down on it.
I’m afraid that It can hold but so much more before something crushes it.
I'm afraid because I don't know If tomorrow I could be next.
I'm afraid because I'm going numb from seeing and hearing all of this.
I’m afraid because the law is being perverted
And all that remains is injustice.
I’m afraid because I’m being backed into a corner
And this is a way that I refuse to live,
Constantly paranoid and worried.

"The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people." Martin Luther King Jr*.*

I'm afraid because my anger has burnt throw me…
I'm tired.
I'm no longer even shocked,
It's almost expected.
I'm just sad and unbelievably disgusted.
I'm afraid because it's taking all of my will
Not to be completely infected by hate.
I'm afraid because violence is not the way
But if we keep going like this,
that will be the only road left to take.
I'm afraid because I'm no longer afraid.

I'm afraid because I'm not sure what's to come.
I'm afraid because I'm tired of fighting hatred with love.
I'm afraid because I wish for nothing but peace, love and calm.
But I will do what I must to defend my life and those next to me
If this goes where it seems to be going.
I'm afraid because our patience is almost gone.
I'm afraid because I want to address this like Malcolm and not Martin.
I'm afraid because I'm one of the calm ones.

"In my opinion young people today, whites, blacks, browns whatever else there is, must realize that they live in a time of revolution, a time of change. Those in power have abused it and there has got to be change. A better world needs to be built and the only way it is going to get built is by extreme methods. I will stand with anyone, I don't care what color you are, as long as you want to change the miserable condition that exists on this earth."

Malcolm X

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