I Can’t See It

I can't see it. What do you see?
I can’t see it. Neither by telescope nor microscope, I can’t see it.
How is it possible we can travel to planets light years way,
date bones and artifacts hundreds of year in the past,
make computing devices that can solve almost any equation possible,
but to see one second into the future there is no remedy.
Maybe I haven’t tried hard enough,
but at this point all my brain cells will explode if I try to think any harder.


Like the summer olympics,
my thought continue endlessly sprinting,
yet a glimpse of the future is ions out of reach.
If only there were an off switch, or at least a reset button.
Even in my dreams my mind has no rest from its weariness.
It would be smart to just accept defeat,
I’m literally in a fight I can’t win.
My rational mind refuses to believe the facts it knows to be true,
and instead yearns and toils for the impossible.


I reach for it like a fish out of water gasping to breathe,
still nothing, I can’t see it.
It’s masochistic to continue on this path,
I know I must retreat;
but to do so means to accept the unknown,
to greet it as an old friend.
Maybe I must, after all it is coming;

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