In my mind


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It has already been an internity, But in my mind i'm frozen in time.

In my mind I’ve made love to you a thousand times. Kissed and rubbed your body’s curves, Used my tongue to tantalize. Ravished and wined, Touched you in places, Passed all uncrossed lines. Been washed in the passion of your reservoir, While our hearts were intertwined. In a journey through a valley gently sloped and welcoming. Filled with roses and daffodils in the dawn of blooming. Hands moving, legs assuming, Bodies doing, an aroma brewing. That spells love and passion between two souls in harmony.

Our bodies, souls, Our limbs moving as one. Completely in sync, Locked in a symbiotic bond. We elude reality in a world where no one else exists. As the only two pieces to a puzzle That has no unsuspecting twists. In pursuit of a reality of our own, That we can manipulate as we so please Seeking comfort in love, We crave its safety. In hopes that it be kind and shine on you and me.

All these things I’ve manifested purely by contemplation. With a desire for them to be more Than just my mind's fabrication. I quench my desires thirst With such thoughts of your affection. What I would do or what you would do, Placed in the situation. But time and again I’m reminded of what my reality is…

In my fantasies we lay easy but that’s just pretense. With my eyes open I lay numb without your presence. So meet me in my dreams at a quarter pass my thoughts, That’s where I’ll be, Dodging realities darts.

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