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Read through these stimulating quotes about Love and Passion, along with inspirational quotes of Growth and Faith. Feel free to use and share my quotes, but please give credit. Thank you!


Your eyes….
The anchor my troubles,
And set my soul a sail.
When my heart
Started its journey,
It didn’t know
You were the destinations.
Your smile
Makes everyday
Feel like Friday.
My eyes have not yet seen you,
But my heart feels you,
And my love will find you.
If you felt the intentions
Woven into my gaze.
You would ignore my words
And ask that they be whispered
Only in actions…


I write about a phantom.
But she understands
Everything that I am.
And would you,
If you had to
Search for me
among the stars.
See without sight,
Find without directions.
Smile at me
And stop my heart.
Then kiss me long and hard,
To restart it.


Music is magic
broken down into
beautiful melodies.


I want you to feel
Safe in my arms.
The way I feel
At home in yours.
If I could I would
Hop across galaxies,
To return your lost smile
To where it ought to be.
I would set the world ablaze,
To thaw all your discomforts.
Where my words fail
To deliver meaning,
My actions will
Compensate with epic stories.
I’ll hold you in my arms
The way I do in my thoughts,
And you will never again
Wish for comfort or warmth.


I’m jealous of your shadow,
Because it stands
Where I wish to be.
And of the morning,
Because it laid eyes on your smile,
Before I could see.
You will never tame
My wild by force.
Draw out its calm
With your patience
And understanding.
Then bring it peace
By covering it in
Your soul's beauty.
I loved you in a way
That would have made
The Goddess Aphrodite weep.
But it was as though
Our hearts only ever
Existed in parallel timelines


For a moment
We tasted bliss,
And got lost in paradise.


Before the last sunset
Falls on your life,
Do what makes you happy.
Let the fire in your soul
Burn uncontrollably,
With no thoughts to extinguish.
It will set ablaze a flame
Fueled by passion,
Threatened by fear,
That will impregnate
Your heart with a feeling of new life.


Life is so wonderful.
But tragically fragile
And seems to be
Increasingly Fleeting.
Treasure every moment
Of its nuanced beauty.


Do not be overcome
By the darkness,
Even dead in it's midst.
Find the light that
Still exists in this world,
And feed it what it needs. 


Nothing is better
At causing damage to a man
And Keeping him captive,
Than his very own ego.


Each new day
Is a chance to be
A better you.
Accept the challenge.


When your mind
Gets too cloudy
And the storm
Rages on without calm.
Find your peace
And rest your heart in tranquility.


Isn’t that the story always?
We fight to be understood,
Not to understand.
But where does it begin?
How would things be
If my first concern was you,
And yours,
About how I am?


Once again I lay
In the gentle arms of
You settle my soul
and sooth my mood.

So hug me even tighter.
I like to feel the calm,
As I sink further into you.


Don’t be forced to assimilate,
Be an outcast if you must.
It is much lonelier
Pretending to be someone you’re not.
I hide my insanity
Within the field
Of my creativity.
The dance with darkness
Can be dangerous,
But exhilarating.


Sometime we become
So focused on our pass
That our present becomes blurred
And the future completely obscured.


Do not fear the
Darkness in world,
As it would wish you to.
Embrace the light
That will erase it.


No one will be
As unique as the real you.
Choose to be that always.
There is fire
In your soul.
Feed the flame
And let it burn.
My Imagination was
Courted by insanity.
Their consummation
Bred my creativity.*


I feel at home
In the still
Of the night.
My mind lounges
in its peace.


My unchecked madness
Has become untethered insanity.
Or so I'm made to believe.
If it is so, then let it be.
I'm willing to give up reality,
In sacrifice of my dreams.
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