Into The Deep

How does a dance with insanity feel?
Hypothetically, if you were to be…

would it be romantic and seductive,
Red dressed, with smooth curves,
Una hechicera armada con bachata,
Seducing you into the deep?

Or would it be new aged?
Interpretive and free,
Promising you oneness,
To just be.
whispering you to sway a little closer,
And fall off,
Into the deep.

Would it put on a show?
Sit on your lap,
Bite your neck
And scratch your back.
Teasing you into heat.
Promising you release,
If you just rolled over and relaxed,
Into the deep.

How do you know,
Is there a sign you’ll see?
Is the only way to find out is for me-
… I meant you…
To just allow the dance completely,
And see where it leads.

Insanity seduction into the deep

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