It’s the way we dance

It’s the way we dance


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All I need
Is you
And a bottle of wine
A dimly lit room
Some music and your eyes
Soundtrack and a scenery
The backdrop when our bodies collide.

On some nights
I wish I didn’t leave
What is this I’m trying to fight?

Is it just what our bodies do
Because in my head
A solution to a bad day
In pops your name
What does that say?

Could this be…
That which should not be said
It could be mutual for both
Impaled by your eyes
You wrapped up in mine-

It’s the way we dance
You and I
Even without the wine
I’m lightheaded and hypnotized
When our bodies synchronize
And the night decides
Like it does every time
To plant the thought in my mind
That maybe it should be
You and I
That’s always my last thought,
Before our goodbye.

Adam Levine (Maroon 5) – Love Somebody