Let’s Just

What would you say if I told you I needed you tonight?
To hold your body next to mine, for no other reason than it feeling right.
Fulfilling the desire to explore all its turns and discover all its secrets.
Taking a scenic tour from your cheeks, to your navel, to your hips,
To your thighs- continuing down exploring every soft sultriest inch.
Until I’m at its last… then I’ll start all over again.
What would you say to me then?

If I suggested we let go and fall into a pit of Lust and passion.
Find Freedom from reality in a night of sexual ascension.
Moving from a valley, to a mountain top, riding the winds into the clouds.
Moving from high to higher, with only the sweat from our bodies falling down.
Precipitation generated from primal activity… Let the animal in you roar.
Relinquish to me the key, let me unlock your reservoir and all that It holds.
Let it all wash over the banks of your stream and slowly flow over me.
As If emerging from the desert, the waters of your oasis is what I long to feel.
Is it OK if that’s exactly where I want to be?

Let’s shut down our phones and get all the distractions out of sight.
Turn off the lights so that our lips and finger tips can be our guides.
Then stand right there for that’s exactly where we’ll start.
Just listen as I whisper softly- running my hands over God’s beautiful work of art…
We will ignite a flame that will take all night to douse.
So be sure, because once you’re in my arms, it’ll be hours before you’re out.

Take the ride

When we begin, Just say… and I’ll do whatever you please.
Use my fingers to touch, lips to kiss, tongue to tease.
Every sexy curve, let me explore, I’ll start with a sip.
Then from the lower ten digits, to your sweet honeydews – relax and let me drink.
For it will take time, I’ve been thinking about this for way too long to rush.
To not do all that’s been implied, until we’ve both had enough.
Until we’ve been to all the places we’ve seen in each other’s eyes.
All those glances of simulated fantasies, tonight we’ll take that ride.

Are we going on this adventure… tell me- what’s your answer?
Is it time for us to get intoxicated on this sweet liqueur?
I’ve thought about it and I know you have too.
The only question still unanswered Is, what will we do?
Let’s give in and let our bodies be the pieces that solves this puzzle.
A carnal think tank that will end this lustful conundrum.



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