I found life the first time we spoke. 
You understood everything I felt,
Words I never uttered you quoted.
It’s unexplainable how you feel,
Like you’ve been injected into my system.
Sonically sending me on highs,
and on my lows, I’m comforted by your caressing.
I’ve remained hooked since that first moment,
And never once have I regretted it.
Pieces of my soul that were missing,
You found, dusted off and replaced.

But the passion you harvest…
Now that’s your most addictive element.
Setting me on glorious fire
that burns so beautifully.
You remind me of all my hurt,
In very vivid visions with real sensations.
And then return right after
Like magic to sooth them…

We’ll forever be symbiotically bonded,
Yours is a love that can’t be left behind
When the world is on fire around me,
You’re the only thing that eases my mind.

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