My Favorite Poison

My Favorite Poison


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I’m sure it’s a surprise
Me randomly calling
Out of the blue like this.
I had a bad week
And the night felt lonely.
With some assistance I drifted
Into a thought I got caught in.

Your smile just
popped into my mind,
Out of nowhere
Like it was there lurking.
Out of everything
I could’ve been thinking,
There was just you.

Unblocking your number
I could hear the voices.
“You know how this shit ends,
What are you doing?”
…”I don’t know yet,
This just feels like
It has to happen.”

“Let it happen”

Before you say anything,
Can I see you?
I’ll be over in 10 minutes,
I’m on my way.”

… “ok”

I was wishing you wouldn’t
But I’m glad you picked up,
Saying it out loud sounds crazy.
We’re oil and fire
Whenever we come together
Something always ends up burning.
But that coming together…
So I thought,
Maybe just once more.

“I told you this is where it leads.”
We fight like dogs,
But fuck like rabbits.
So I’m at the edge of this bed
You and me under a burning ceiling
With the walls about to cave in.
But In my head,
I’m reliving the night before.

I hate that I’m still addicted
To the way you feel.
You hate to love it too
So we always end up arguing.
But even though
Our trips to the moon
Always ends in fuck you.
The truth is
You’re my favorite poison.
The sweet toxin
That my demon sips on.

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