That’s My Poker Face

Thats My Poker Face

My poker face
Conceals my state of mind,
Subduing chaos beneath the surface.
And I’m the one in control
That’s how it seems most times,
But then sometimes
It feels like i’m at its mercy.

Don’t trust me
If you ask and I say
That I’m okay,
What answers back is my pride.
If I say no I’m not
It would reveal
My vulnerability and
Leave me completely naked,
So I hide in plain sight.

Most days it all feels alright
It’s easy to smile,
But on other days I search
For just a single ray of sunshine.
Surrounded by so many faces
Caught up in conversation
With all these familiar voices
But unable to outrun the feeling of loneliness,
So I realize that I’m not fine.

It’s not you…
I’m still sorting through
What’s inside.

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