My Queen

My Queen


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I’m stuck in a fantasy…
Thinking of your smile although I’ve not yet seen it.
Not yet been in your presence,
But already I find myself helplessly addicted
To you and to thoughts of you,
Saying it’s love would make it too tame.

How do I describe the fire that engulfs my heart
From the enchantment that is your name?
How do I put into words the paradise
That I’m taken off to when I’m trapped in your gaze?
How grateful I feel each morning,
Waking up into a dream,
Turning over and seeing your face…
At times I forget these are only pieces
Of my imagined reality and not yet experiences I’ve had.
But through all my heart has told me,
I’ve experienced you completely, and still I’d like to add.
More memories, more you, more everything…
I’m unashamed that I’m a hopeless fiend.
Stuck on the thought of being your king,
And of you being my queen.

In search of you

Every night it steals my sleep.
Restlessly surfing the darkness,
sorting through thoughts of where you might be.
Where is your heart taking you,
Is the trail that it has you on one that leads you closer to me?
Is it reaching out like mine is,
Waiting for you to grab hold so that I can reel you in?
To shore, into my arms,
To where you should be and should have always been.
… Or have we already met, but I’ve been too stupid or blind?
Did our hearts not see each other,
Or have you grown weary searching for mine?
What kind of pain have we put you through,
Have you been beaten down too much?
Has the hurt gotten to where you’ve already said- enough is enough…
I pray to God and every deity I know that our divine meeting is yet to come.
The convergence of our entirety,
Our longing wholes made into a more complete one.
Just don’t give up searching for me,
I won’t for you- for as long as it takes.
Because I plan on loving you in ways they don’t even write about in fairy tales.

Searching for my queen

Searching for the saving grace of love

Where I belong

Eyes closed,
I hear droplets turning into streams,
Pouring into a goblet of questions.
Continuously expanding and filling with more of the unanswered,
With time’s progression.
But I try to look beyond it,
and there I can see only me and you.
Surrounded by crowds of blurred silhouettes,
all that is in focus is us two.
And I feel the bliss we share,
It covers us like a coat in the summer rain.
Shielding us from the worlds pitter-patters,
Wrapped in its soft inner seams.
Repeated affirmations of what I already know to be true,
That is where I belong.
Wherever you exist in this world,
Together there we’ll complete our song.
From the first movement to the last,
What we’ll create will play on and on… and on-

My greatest

What I would like you to know is that-
Although you’ll be my greatest,
You won’t be the first.
There have been other duets.
Thought to be loves composition,
But only leaving me with a greater thirst.
Mislead by sublime signs,
Enjoyable pauses in time that fed my heart and mind.
But what was poured into my heart’s chalice
Started out as honey and ended in brine.
And they’ve left deep painful scars,
But I’m a fool for love so I’ve kept on trying…
Always excited about the journey,
And hopeful of the possible destination.
Sharing something with who seemed to be you,
But revealed themselves as copied reflections.
But as I’ve admitted to you… I’m a fool,
One that has seen the suds, rinsed and repeated.
Still I remain undeterred by what was,
If anything I feel more encouraged.
To complete the construction
Of your kingdom behind these callused walls,
And circling ravine.
You’ll be the one that rules my heart,
So hide from me no more,
Stake your claim, my queen.

To be cont’d…

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