I remember in the quite
Separating your voice
From the darkness.
I felt you siphoning pain,
Welcoming chaos.

Finding my way into your den,
Our first full encounter.
Feelings of reverence and contempt,
In a staredown with my monster.
The ominous intent in your eyes
Triggering a cause to wonder.

Oh my beautiful monster,
On what parts did you feed.
Was I only relieved of
The necrotized pieces,
Or do you have more of me
shredded between your teeth.

Sitting in the shadow of the moon
Feral and without direction.
Gnawing unnoticed,
Spoonfed by my ego
Bits of hate and resentment.
Your hungry growls remind me
Of your eerie presence.
Threatening like a cold night
That consumes a warm evening.

Tightly I now hold your leash
More so for blind comfort,
Trying not to lose my grip.
Realizing you act on instinct
Ignoring reason and logic.

But my beast,
There is no need to rip
Our collective selves apart.
See what I see and as we should be,
As one sculptor creating art.

The other option,
I will consume you…
Or you will me.
One will be our destruction,
And the other an integrated singularity.
Just imagine the beauty.

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