No Escape Plan

No escape plan

What happens if you remove the escape plan from life? What would not having a way out force you to change about your life? Would you be more focus, would you be more deliberate in your actions? Would you overlook the small stuff, would you forgive more, would you love more; would you really be you, showing all the elaborate layers of your soul? Would you strip away all the facades? Cliché are true, but why does hearing the same truths over and over lead us to believe they are no longer valid. Is it just human to be bored of the repetitiveness of life, to only see meaning and value in the extravagant?

In the search for beauty, we’re lost in life’s darkness. Oh to be as a child. Pure, without blemish; undefiled by pain, unburdened by mistakes and regrets, light and free in heart and mind, untethered and simply alive. Yet after such an immersive thrust into life we are soon lulled to sleep in wait for death. Do we live only to die or is death the graduation from life? Is it really the end, should we be gathering advanced degrees of a sort; yet if that be the case just as in this life, not all require a degree to be successful. Some will drop out, some will excel while others just barely making it through. Still yet, in this class no one really knows the rules; no one really knows who’s up or down, who’ll win or who’ll lose.

In this life we have our hierarchies, claims to fame and so call power, none of which gives us insight into what awaits us beyond our last breath. Is there a white light, a jubilant choir; or will we be met by darkness or endless fire. Try as we may there is no true answer, whether man of faith or atheist, we all approach this unknown with fear, yet with hope. Hope of a new beginning, hope of understanding, hope it will all make sense and some hopes unclear.

How does one really live, when the end is so unclear? Is it strange to enjoy and see beauty when faced with such fear? Is the now irrelevant, because purpose is unclear? Only at the end of the camera roll will we know the full meaning of this production. Until then we’re all pilots, inflight without a radar through life. Tasked with navigating these turbulent skies together, able only to control a singular vessel, ourselves.

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