Old Pirates

I watched intently on what I thought was a documentary.
Reading through articles depicting its horror.
My feed filled with pictures of terrified faces,
Mutilated bodies and horrid details of terror.

My heart bleeds bearing witness

Knowing a slight change in fate,
And one of those men, is me.
It’s 2017, how can this even be.
The deep levels of moral bankruptcy in humans
Is still a painful sight to see.
How can one man look to rob another
Of life’s most precious beauty?
God’s heavenly gift to live unbounded,
and free.
We all should be saddened,
And filled to the brim with Anger.
No man should ever
Hear the value of his life
Converted into dollars…
No matter the color.
It’s really unbelievable,
but not hard to believe.
The corrupted mind and soul of man
increasingly degrades with each minute.
Our actions stained with corruption,
And a legacy built that’s putrid.
You are not allowed to take it,
If you can’t also give life.

This is a message to you,
Old pirates