This world is like a giant
Worm filled onion.
The older I get,
And the more I understand,
The harder it is
To fight the urge to cry.
Something I’ve only recently
Learnt how to do.
Finding the courage to be completely free
and letting my emotions bleed through.
With each new layer giving me practice,
and a host of reasons to.

But really I do wonder

What- the fuck?
What is wrong with you?!
I try to make sense of it,
The why, done by the who.
But the Lack of humanity
In humans is… puzzling.
A deficiency completely vile and repulsive.

My heart bleeds with anger.
But beyond that, it just hurts.
It hurts to hear, it hurts to see,
It hurts to know…
There are just no words.
No answers, only more questions.
The why this is happening,
The what, as a specie, are we missing…

Wait… that’s right…
It’s our humanity.
Where is it?
And at what point did we lose it?

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