Let’s Just

What would you say if I told you I needed you tonight?To hold your body next to mine, for no other reason than it feeling right.Fulfilling the desire to explore all its turns and discover all its secrets.Taking a scenic tour from your cheeks, to your navel, to your hips,To your thighs- continuing down exploring […]

High Lust

I’m getting this tingle that feels like the emergence of a new habit.A single manned vessel out on neurological seas, off on a drift.On a voyage of adventure and discovery of the frontiers of desire.Not In a rush… but in graceful anticipation of what awaits on anchor.The start of the true journey to the home of […]

In my mind

It has already been an internity, but in my mind i’m frozen in time. In my mind I’ve made love to you a thousand times.Kissed and rubbed your body’s curves, used my tongue to tantalize.Ravished and wined, touched you in places, passed all uncrossed lines.Been washed in the passion of your reservoir, while our hearts […]

The Visit

Wow… Six years,It seems like an entire lifetime.Since I was yours, and you were mine.Although a little crazy,It did seem real,your hellos felt like warm hugs.It didn’t matter much thatEverything started as computer love.And I must admit,I was a little hurt when it ended.Wounded you could say.But time heals all,That pain has long since went […]


A stabbing emotion locked away gasping for air, “Freedom; Let me loose, I must be free”, it cries. Wanting to transform and fall onto welcoming ears… Thoughts of what might happen and what should happen But only thoughts and no action… A mistake repeated by a fool, Trapped in a prison of his own construct. […]

An Escape

I need a break from you,Someplace far… far away.Just a little time will do,A week or two,Or even just a day. Some breathing roomTo unscramble my thoughts and take a breath.So I can regain my energy,Or preserve the little I have left.Someplace where I can clear my headAnd think for a minute.Eons away free from […]


Daily she seduces me,welcoming me back to her cold embrace.Void of comfort,But laden with inspiration like a fertilized vineyard.I question my attachment,All you’ve been to me is cruel.Robbing me of smiles,Bringing clouds to my sunny days,This is all you do.Still I welcome your familiar touch,Your detached despair brings me unusual clarity.A perverted sense of direction,Empty […]

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