The pathways I’ve taken have been mostly uncharted,  
And sometimes visibility non-existent.
My actions and the inner workings of my mind
Labeled as weird, and to most absolutely foreign.
But rest assured, my actions are sure…

I journey down dark alleys not because it’s cool,
But because I’m different from you.
Where I’m headed and what I see
Is not the same as you do.
Sometimes I see with my heart
More than I do my eyes.
And at times it has caused me pain,
I’ve experienced long pauses…
But I always arrive.

I still do have few mountains left to climb,
Some skepticism to dispel.
But I’m not distracted by the ifs,
My focus is consumed by the when.
And it’s unclear, yes I know you don’t see my vision.
But so is a masterpiece,
Before it becomes a completed composition.

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