The seared souls somber fight

The silent fight of the seared soul, hidden behind brave

Across the dark plain I can see
The damaged feet of the countless.
Seared souls stripped raw,
Left tender from walking
Across scorched earth.


The seared souls somber fight
Reach out, hold on and be each others light


Yet we all do so in silence.
Muzzled by the pain
And blinded by the shame
That keeps us from seeing
That right next to us
There is someone else,
Feeling the same.


A kindred who also feels in ruin.
Who wants to stop fighting
But finds the strength to keep moving.
Not knowing where the road leads,
But still not stopping.
Because no matter what,
You have to keep going.
It just shouldn’t-
Don’t ever let it win.


No matter how
Unlike yourself you seem.
How stranded and lost you feel.
There are others just like us
Searching for home.
So I promise you’re not alone.
Reach out and hold on.


You seared soul…

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