The First


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Today I watched the dawn of a new day
Felt the wind blow in a new way
Smelt the sweet aroma of a freshly blossomed rose, what else can I say
But-I’m in love…
With nature, your soul, with life How their beauty amazes me
Caught up with everything from here to the horizon, all that I can see
The birds, the bees, the sky, the trees
The grey, the brown, the yellow, the green
All these things bring a new change in me-
To hear the chirps, the growls, the whispers
To feel the freshness of the morning wind, At sunrise, all gave me shivers
And makes me say…O what a wonderful day, This was the first


Today I’ll see what I’ve seen before
Enjoy what I’ve enjoyed, But a little bit more
Cast my eyes upon the green hills
Feel the warmth of the golden jewel, Experience life’s simple thrills
The Feel of the earth beneath the soles of my feet
To breathe the fresh air what else do I need
I’m still alive and for that I’ll raise my hands in appreciation
On this the second, Another beautiful day but it comes with a unique sensation
With joy for life, loving you more, With happiness, my heart bursts
Presented in an untitled and beautiful enactment… I like the second, but it’s still only second, to the first.

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