The Gift Of Loving Acceptance

The Gift Of Loving Acceptance


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A story as old as time…
I had it tight in my grasp
and took it for granted,
Searching for countless wants
Ignoring what was needed,
Missing eyes filled with passion
Over stares of loving acceptance.

Your love welcomed my darkness
cradling it without judgment
With no requests for containment,
To you it was a precious adornment.

The variations in my personality
From the weird
To the opposing dark and light
The inconsistencies bordering insanity
You made them seem as if
They all fit
In perfect symmetry.

You were the neurotic missing piece
To my jumbled puzzle
That turned chaotic terrains
Into a calming oasis.
I sat and watched it all
Disintegrate into oblivion,
Swallowed up by time
Because half of me wasn’t ready,
And in these words
I remenisce regrettably.

You loved my crazy
Like it was the most normal thing,
But along with it
I was foolish.
The gift of loving acceptance
That was all mine,
And somehow I managed to lose it.

The beautiful storm
That pulled me into her whirlwind
And paused my self-destruction.