The Questions We Ask

The Questions We Ask


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We ask the questions
Without believing
You will give an answer
The evidence
Of our doubtful actions
Our faithless Impatience.

Still, I cast no stones
My doubts have bested me
Playing the victim
On my knees in prayer with questions
Followed by inaction
Wondering why you never answered.

My belief weakened
Unwise and blinded
You never answer
Therefore you don’t exist,
An inexperienced heart
Navigating your world
With little context.

Questions aimed at my faith came next
Going on a journey to find
And became lost
Moving further and further
Away from my source of light
To search for crumbs in the dark
An unwise thought
Now I find myself so far in
Searching for my way out.

Music: Let it be ~ by The Beetles (Cover by Matt Hylom)

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