The Visit

The Visit


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Wow… Six years,
It seems like an entire lifetime.
Since I was yours, and you were mine.
Although a little crazy,
It did seem real,
your hellos felt like warm hugs.
It didn’t matter much that
Everything started as computer love.
And I must admit,
I was a little hurt when it ended.
Wounded you could say.
But time heals all,
That pain has long since went away.

Like a ship hitting rocky shores,
we ended rough and abruptly.
With a few unkind words and you saying you hate me.
So imagine my surprise when I saw your message.
A quick talk and an invite,
Me wondering where this was headed.
A smiling face,
A few awkward moments,
A little small talk...
And just like that a friendship amended.


To a late night drive it lead,
Followed by some “what if” conversation.
Food no longer relevant,
Our cravings calmed by the contemplation.
Of what should have been,
That never was,
But now could be.
Our bodies emerging from a realm of fantasy,
To create a moment of divinity.
So Shrouded by the dim moonlight,
The thought was tested.
And halfway through,
Because of circumstances...

(We could, but we can't...)

Flash forward to us once again,
Beneath the night sky.
The sound of the ocean in the back ground.
Relaxed by each other’s company,
Enjoying your last night in town.
Harmless and uneventful, until of course.
A boundary was crossed,
Of which I have no remorse.
A little teasing,

and yes,

I knew what would ensue.
But I already gave you one chance,
I was not about to give you two


An agreement made without words,
Locked in a stare that could only mean yes.
In an instant reliving old memories,
Ready to put all past discussions to the test.
“Come closer”… an invitation I knew you would take,
What comes next I promise was worth the wait.
Lips like candid apples,
Cheeks as sweet as fermented grapes.
Getting drunk from kissing your soft skin,
Enjoying every warm… rich… taste.
The feeling intensifying the more we submitted to the moment.
Every cell in our bodies activated and combining,
Like lost atoms of a single element.

(You feel like)

Enjoy all of me, While I am exploring you.
No need for words,
Your body speaks to me-
Just your moans will do.
Cover every inch of me,
Like the morning does the earth with its dew.
It’s what we spoke about,
Dreamt of-
It was going to happen,
Deep down we both knew.
I know we’re breaking the rules,
But it’s worth it for something like this.
It feels right.
And here and now all that matters,
Is our temporary hold on bliss-
Wash over me and hold nothing back, I want it all.
Let it flow like waters through a broken damn over a cliff,
Just let it fall...

(It was)

Locked in a gaze,
Reading what was written across each other’s smiles.
In yours I saw realization of what could have been…
I wonder what you saw in mine?!

That’s what I remembered...
I hope my words did justice in capturing it.
All being said.
That was one great visit

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