Tranquil Seas and Novocaine Kisses

Tranquil Seas and Novocaine Kisses


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Like pools of liquid desire,
I sink into your eyes.
In them I find relief,
A temporary escape
From whatever reality this is.
Soothing my pain
With your novocaine kisses.

In the tender depths of their gaze,
I find solace in a world ablaze.
Your eyes,
A haven where troubles cease,
Whispering secrets,
Bestowing inner peace.

They hold the promise of distant dreams,
Where galaxies dance in moonlit streams.
Within their embrace,
Time stands still,
A Suspended sanctuary
Where hearts can heal.

Your gaze,
A symphony of silent song,
That crescendo into a shout
"Maybe this is where you belong."
Lost in the depths of your tranquil sea,
I'm set adrift, my soul set free,
If even only temporarily.

The universe fades, a mere illusion,
As your eyes become my sole delusion.
In each stolen glance, a story unfolds,
A tapestry woven, a tale untold.

Sweet lips
Those novocaine kisses,
Numbing the wounds where past lovers meet.
Yet igniting a fire that burns so bright,
Guiding us through the darkest night.

So let me drown
in your liquid desire,
Lost in your eyes,
consumed by it's fire.
For in your gaze,
I've found my release,
A sanctuary of love,
A place of peace.

Music: Pillow Talk by ZAYN

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