Trapped In Limbo

Trapped In Limbo


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Do you think of me
At times when you close your eyes
Because I still do you,
Transported back in a blink
To when all of you
Equaled all of me
Back to when that equation was true,
When our thesis on forever
Was still in our view and set to be proven.

That time has passed
But I’d like to think that
We both became better because
At an important point in each other’s lives
I was for you, and you my better half
Back when I was your-
When we held each other’s hearts

I think of you
Between life’s pauses
Stopping to listen
In case you’re calling in the distance,
I hear voices echoing
But none that sounds familiar
Only those of others trapped in limbo.

Passed the whys
Haunted by the what ifs
What if the closest I get to heaven
Is lying next to
And being loved by you
What if the closest I get to the divine
Is the way those words flowed from your lips
And reflected in your eyes
What if I’m all out of chances
And loving you loving me loving you
Was my last time.

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