Turquoise moon: My unfinished poem

Turquoise moon: My unfinished poem


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Turquoise moon
You are my unfinished poem,
A masterpiece I couldn’t complete
Of a love story left untold.

In the quiet of my lonely nights
Missing your silver light
Shinning on my darkness
I search for words that once bloomed,
But the ink of our love has dried
Empty pages with nothing to write
Words left in my heart entombed.

We met by chance
stealing moments on the canvas of time
Brushstrokes of passion painting colors divine,
Verse by verse our story took flight
An analogous journey of two storms
Finding calm in love’s delight.

The rhythm of your laughter
Once danced between the words of my every line,
But now silence fills the spaces
Where your presence used to shine
And the pages are left scattered.

I try to capture the essence
With substituted presence
For a semblance of your sweet embrace,
But the imagery fades in the shadows
Bodies touching with the feeling hollow
Only Evidence of an empty space.

We should have been forever
An eternal sonnet to be told,
But fate had other plans
Or maybe the byproduct of my ambitions
Blinded me with distractions
That ended up shutting you out
I couldn’t see that it was all beginning to unfold.

Now I’m left with fragmented phrases
And a heart longing for what was lost,
In the realm of unfinished poems
A ballad of love’s final cost.

So, I’ll keep this incomplete verse
A bitter ode of a sweet past
That no one will see or hear
Words left on the tip of my pen
Of my hearts souvenir

Turquoise moon
You are my unfinished poem
A chapter I couldn’t conclude,
But your imprint lingers in my soul
Memoirs hung on the wall in a hall
Now painted in blue.”

Music: Left And Right by Charlie Puth ft.Jung Kook

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