Who’s To Say

Who’s To Say


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Who’s to say
What we perceive as perversion
Could be an architect’s
Representation of perfection.
Observing life’s contrasts
With appreciation
The day folding into the darkness
Peace tumbling against pain
The whole overcome by the broken.

Who’s to say
We weren’t meant to fall apart
To come together again,
To feel, then break the hold
Of being in pieces.
Pieces creating a new whole
Something stronger than what would have been
An unraveling that leads to a new awakening.
Who’s to say this is not by design
What feels like life’s conclusion
Meant to be a signal for its true beginning.

Maybe life is meant to be difficult
And sometimes even abrasive
Like the chisel against marble
Life’s sharp tips the artist
That chips us down from unrefined blocks
Into beautiful sculptures…