Your Were A Dream

Your Were A Dream


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Her soft voice blew across my ears,
Uttering words as though she sings.
Radiating beauty,
With curves displaying Gods ingenuity.
A sight that goes beyond pleasing.


Our eyes met,
And all was forgotten.
Bodies became shadows
As our temples commenced communing.
Enclosed in a pocket of public private intimacy,
We met in dance… without speaking.

Door closes

Lust tugging at our bodies
As if dragging steel to magnet.
A ravenous feeling,
Uncontrollably encapsulating
As though our meeting was long anticipated.
Both surrounded by an aura of heat.
A passion fueled furnace
Quickly transforming the sweat
From our skin into burning steam.

Lust controlling our voracious vessels,
Like puppets on a string.
Our minds rendered useless.
Up and down… in and out,
No need or thoughts of rest.
Droplets running down our backs,
Streaming over every curve.
Synchronized in movement,
Like instruments in a symphony.
Plucking the strings of her harp,
With her on my guitar.
Two which started out worlds apart,
Played ourselves into harmony.
Intonation found while sequestered,
Hidden between acoustic walls.

You feel

More amazing than I imagined you would.
Trying to remain steady as the earth beneath us shook.
Tremors radiating from our beating hearts.
Our minds wiped completely clean,
All that remained were empty spaces and happy thoughts.
Other than our soft moans,
Silence stood steady in our room.
We uttered words spoken only by actions.
We both moved as one to a rhythm
Only she and I could hear.
All around there’s darkness
But still our view of each other remained clear.
…and the twinkle in her eyes, their reflection the only night’s light…
Hypnotically beautiful.

Let’s remain

Our tempo gradually slowed to a stop,
Although the will to go on still remained high.
My body supporting hers,
Hers supporting mine.
Our heavy breathing a story of how we spent our time
Silently we laid in each other’s arms wishing the night would never end.
Wishing it could remain, wishing time could be suspended

And then…

The Curtain moved slightly.
A piercingly bright light seeped in.
It all began to fade…
Slowly she began slipping away,
My grip on her started to slip.
“No don’t go… not again. Please stay with me”
My alarm goes off and suddenly I realized…
It was all just a dream.

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