Your Magic Dust

Your Magic Dust


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How you been?
I haven't seen much
Of you lately.
And I've been
Showing up at our special place.
You remember that spot
We used to meet?

Just tell me what's up.
What's the deal,
Is this you being upset?
You know I don't do this
To make you angry.
This is never how I wanted
Things to get.

I know I can't be selfish
And just summon you when I please.
It's becoming clearer as I write,
Maybe it's because of my consistency.

You must understand that
What I'm doing now is unavoidable.
I'm there whenever I can,
But that's not always possible.

Just tell me you'll forgive me,
I can't stand us being like this.
It won't always be this way.
Soon we can make up
For all the time we've missed.

In the bedroom,
Or on the sofa.
On the balcony,
Or by the pool.
Whatever you ask for.

I'll be there whenever,
Day or night.
In a bungalow
On a secluded island.
In a hammock or in the sand,
Wherever you like.

Tell me this is not
How it will continue to be.
I belong with you,
And you belong with me.

So let's meet tonight
At our special place.
I'll get comfortable
And wait until you get there.
We'll dance in the dark,
Before you take me away.