Face The Monster

Face The Monster


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I navigate the horrors of the world
Weighed against the horrors within myself
Seeing how the room which contains my own
Leads into the main hall
Of all the world’s darkness
One holding the possibility
Of further corrupting the next.

It’s that dark room
We rarely dear to enter
That voice woven into our subconscious
Whispering for us to go
Where we rarely dear venture

With its slithering seduction
It tries to pull you into the darkness
Most offer resistance
For a few it’s more insidious
For some corrupting without resistance
The hope is that knowledge of our monsters
Allows us to offer it coexistence.

Is it me-
Is it you?…
Where does the next monster awake,
Do you even know where yours is sleeping?

» Music: My Demons by Startset

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