I saw your eyes,
they had your voice,
Telling me of what now is.
Cued by a glance,
Traveled on a whisper,
Set to play with a touch,
And paused on a kiss.

With a hiss,
They told me the night
would be just like this.
Drunk on sips,
Intoxicated by lips.
The distraction of your hips
Does more than this vodka
In helping me to forget…
And not reminisce.

Dressed in red as if ready
To bargain for my soul.
Your soft breath on my neck
Creating a summer night
Out of the winter cold.
It could be what you’re saying
Or the way your body feels
That has me considering this deal,
To given and just go.
Stop resisting and fold.

Wrapped up and entangled,
Pouring over me like warm brandy.
So soft sweet carameled,
I want more of you
Exchanged for more of me.

But it’s almost morning now
And that’s not what this is.
Wasn’t I an easy target though,
My red dressed temptress.

Taking what I most wanted,
All of you my naked muse.
No last kisses or goodbyes
But at least you left your number…
And the rest of this bottle,
Feeling and listening to the blues.


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