An Escape

An Escape


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I need a break from you,
Someplace far… far away.
Just a little time will do,
A week or two,
Or even just a day.
Some breathing room
To unscramble my thoughts and take a breath.
So I can regain my energy,
Or preserve the little I have left.
Someplace where I can clear my head
And think for a minute.
Eons away free from the chaos,
With none of this to deal with.

I’m submitting the paperwork today,
Filing for temporary separation.
It's not a permanent release,
This is not a resignation.
I need some space between you and me,
That is all I’m asking.
Because what we have right now is broken,
It’s just not working.
And I hope you understand… Really I do.
For as much as it is you,
It’s also a little me too.

We no longer have what we had,
There are some things to work on.
And I promise I’ll be back,
But I bet you won’t even notice I’m gone.

Oh sweet Gaia-
Your beautiful features are many
And so glorious.
Your sweet morning dew,
Sexy slopes and gentle falls,
Everyday made anew.
All your sweet aromas,
Your many shades of green and hues of blue-

You have so many magnificent qualities,
but people are too often not one.
Some can be beautiful creatures,
But most are a menace to my limited sanity.
That’s what I really need an escape from...
This distorted humanity

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