This is gonna sound weird.
I mean it’s crazy.
It was just a conversation,
Nothing special was said.
But since then I can’t shake it,
Her voice is stuck in my head.
There’s nothing yet to say.
Except she’s smart… beautiful…
But she won’t give me the time of day.
I keep asking her out,
But the answer is always the same.
“Be patient”, she says.
“I can’t right now”.
Do you just have me here waiting in vain?
I just want a little of your time.
How do I get it,
What do I say?
It doesn’t even matter what we do,
At this point I’d even crochet.
…That was a little joke,
I hope it made you smile.
I know I did the last time I saw yours,
Which has been quite a while.
Tell me scorpion,
What will your answer be?
I’d like the chance
To get to know you.
Don’t you want to get to know me?
This has me thinking,
Because it wasn’t the first time,
So there must be a reason.
I’ve noticed before,
It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen you.
And as sexy as you are, 
That didn’t pull me in. 
But what was it then,
What makes this time any different?
How did you paint your smile
On the walls of my mind,
From a single conversation…

Part 2: The knocks at your door

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