Journey through the Mist: Labyrinth of Self

Journey through the Mist: Labyrinth of Self


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My reflection gazes back,
Peering through my misty mirror,
A soul searching,
For meaning,
To turn chaos into reason,
For an escape,
From its sequestered distortion.

In this realm of swirling haze,
Where dreams and doubts entwine,
A journey embarked with eyes ablaze,
Seeking the purpose we must define.

Through corridors of introspection,
Past the corridors of the past,
I chase elusive recollections,
Seeking truths that forever last.

Whispers of forgotten voices,
Echo in the chamber’s walls,
Their wisdom veiled in riddles and choices,
Awaiting the moment their wisdom calls.

In the labyrinth of self-awareness,
Threads of destiny weave and wind,
I embrace vulnerability’s bareness,
To understand what lies behind.

Through reflections, ever-changing,
I confront the masks I wear,
Peeling layers, rearranging,
To unmask the soul laid bare.

A kaleidoscope of emotions swirl,
In the chambers of my core,
From joy’s delight to sorrow’s curl,
Each emotion a metaphor.

With every step, I grow and mend,
Reconciling fragments lost and found,
The journey has no clear end,
Yet each moment’s worth is profound.

As I bridge the gap between worlds,
And my past meets the future’s embrace,
A realization slowly unfurls,
I am the canvas, and life paints my grace.

My reflection gazes back,
No longer through a misty mirror,
For the soul has found its track,
In purpose, there’s no more fear.

The chaos now transformed to reason,
An escape from sequestered distortion,
I’ve discovered the key to freedom,
My essence in perfect proportion.

Music: Dream On By Aerosmith

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