Let's Just

Let's Just


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What would you say if I told you
I needed you tonight?
To hold your body next to mine,
For no other reason than it feeling right.
Fulfilling the desire to explore
All its turns and discover all its secrets.
Taking a scenic tour
From your cheeks to your navel, to your hips,
To your thighs-
Continuing down exploring every soft sultriest inch.
Until I'm at its last...
hen I'll start all over again.
What would you say to me then?

If I suggested we let go and fall
Into a pit of Lust and passion.
Find Freedom from reality
On a night of sexual ascension.
Moving from a valley to a mountain top,
Riding the winds into the clouds.
Moving from high to higher,
With only the sweat from our bodies falling down.
Precipitation generated from primal activity,
The waters from your stream washing over me.
Is it ok if that's exactly where I want to be?
If every other bank felt like desert sands
With yours the only remaining oasis.

Let’s shut down our phones
And get all the distractions out of sight.
Turn off the lights
So that our lips and fingertips can be our guides.
When we begin,
Just say… and I'll do whatever you please.
Use my fingers to touch,
Lips to kiss, tongue to tease.
Every sexy curve, let me explore,
I’ll start with a sip.
Then from the lower ten digits,
To your sweet honeydews - relax and let me drink.

It will wake time
once you are in my arms
It will be hours before you’re out.
You have been on my mind for too long
I have no intention to rush.
To not do all that's been implied,
Until we've both had enough.
Until we've been to all the places
we've seen in each other’s eyes.
All those simulated fantasies,
Tonight we'll take that ride...

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