The Adventures of Griffin and Karen: Tony Donskoy Part 2 Exp 2

The Adventures of Griffin and Karen: Tony Donskoy Part 2 Exp 2


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In Part 1 of the story, Griffin and Karen got a chance of a lifetime from a billionaire benefactor, Jim Hung-lo, who brought them to his private island to run a secret experiment on his pet tiger. The experiment went horribly wrong, transforming Tony The Tiger into a giant hairless beast several times his original size. The couple now races to fix the problem.

The story continues here…

A Bald Situation

Griffin: Karen, what are we going to do? This experiment has gone terribly fucking wrong, and we’ve put everyone in danger.

Karen: I know, I know. I can’t believe this happened. But we can’t start panicking now, we have to focus and find a solution before this tiger breaks out of his cage and threatens us all.

Griffin: (sighs) You’re right, we need to stay calm. That’s usually my line. But what can we do? We tried reversing the formula but that dose we shot into him did nothing but piss him off. And on top of that, he looks like he’s getting bigger.

Karen: Well, we have no chance of reversing the process without some samples. We have to find a way to calm him down, or maybe put him out for a few minutes. We need to figure out what triggered this change and work backward from there.

Griffin: That’s a good idea. But how do we even get close enough to study him? He’s huge and pissed. And have you seen how big his claws have gotten?! A swing of one of those and we are human sushi rolls.

Karen: We’ll have to create a concentrated tranquilizer and try to sedate him. Thats the only way it will be safe to get close enough for samples.

Griffin: Lets try that, but we have to be careful. The dosage has to be just right, or it could kill him. Plus, we don’t know how he’ll react to it.

Karen: This is a mess. We should never have tried to reverse the aging process on Tony in the first place.

Griffin: What do you mean, Karen? We have dedicated the last 7 years of our careers trying to find a way to slow or stop the aging process. It made perfect sense for us to try this.

Karen: Yes, you’re right. But this wasn’t our experiment to begin with. We should have at least spent a few weeks confirming these notes rather than just jumping in.

Griffin: Yeah… that’s exactly where we went wrong.

The couple turned around to see their benefactor standing frozen wide eyed with clenched Jaw, staring at Tony through the protective glass of the observation room.

(Griffin turns back around and steps closer to Karen)

Griffin: (Speaking through his teeth) We especially need to figure this out before Mr. Hung-lo feeds our entrails to Tony while we watch.

Jim: You’re fucking right about that… I’m a fair man, but I hate when people fail me.

The couple turned back around with a shocked look on their faces to see Jim looking at them menacingly before turning and walking out.

Who is Jim Hung-lo?

Jim Hung-lo had always been an oddity in North Korea, a country where conformity was paramount. Unlike his cousin, the country’s ruthless leader, Jim had a passion for the West, and he loved nothing more than indulging in all things Western, from the music to the fashion to movies.

Kim Jung-un saw this as a threat to his regime and ordered Jim to be banished from the country. But Jim refused to leave without his beloved pet tiger, Tony. So, with the help of some loyal friends, Jim managed to smuggle Tony out of the country and flee to a remote island in the Pacific.

For the next decade, Jim plotted his revenge, using his vast wealth and resources to build a private army and develop cutting-edge military technology. He poured all of his anger and frustration into his work, determined to one day take down his cousin and prove his worth to his people and to the world.

Throughout it all, Tony remained by his side, a loyal and fierce companion. Jim had always believed that Tony was special, with a wisdom and intelligence beyond that of a normal animal. And so, when he learned of an experimental treatment that promised to reverse aging and extend life, he knew that Tony was the perfect candidate.

He got light of this secret experiment from one of the many spies in his network who was working on the team of Peng Jiamu, a biologist at the shanghai institute of biochemistry and cell biology. He captured the scientist and took him back to the island to save Tony, beheading the scientist a year into the experiment and feeding his remains to Tony, after he failed to show any significant breakthrough.

Jim searched far and wide for another scientist to take over where Peng Jiamu left off, and was made aware of Griffin and Karen, two brilliant scientists with nothing to lose who were conducting experiments in genetic engineering and cellular regeneration to solve the problem of aging.

Jim reached out to the couple and offered them an exorbitant sum of money to come to his private island and complete the experiment on his beloved pet that the previous team failed to complete before their “departure”. Eager at redemption and to rebuild their reputation, Griffin and Karen Jumped at the opportunity.

But as they soon discovered, Jim Hung-lo was not to be underestimated. He was a man consumed by his anger and his thirst for revenge, and he was willing to do whatever it took to achieve his goals. And so, as the experiment took a disastrous turn, Griffin and Karen found themselves caught in the middle of a dangerous game of hairless cat and mouse.

The Adventures of Griffin and Karen Tony Donskoy Part 2 - Soulcraze - Content Creator - Short Story Series

Yes, we did it!

Griffin and Karen had been working furiously without any breaks for the past two nights to create a tranquilizer that would safely sedate the giant tiger. It had been a difficult and dangerous process, but they had finally succeeded!

They stood nervously outside the tiger’s cage, both holding tranquilizer guns loaded with their new creation. The tiger paced back and forth, snarling and growling, its primal instincts in full force.

Karen took a deep breath and stepped forward, aiming her tranquilizer gun at the tiger. Griffin watched her carefully, ready to intervene if anything went wrong.

Griffin: Ok Karen, this is it. After you shoot him with the first dose, we will see what kind of effect it has and I will be standing by with the other 3 doses to take him down if needed.

Karen: (lets out a long nervous sigh) ok… I got this.

Griffin: You got this..

Karen took a moment to steady her hand and then fired the tranquilizer dart at the tiger. It hit its target, and the tiger roared in anger, charging at the bars of the cage. But within seconds, the tranquilizer began to take effect, and the tiger started to slow down.

Griffin fired his tranquilizer gun next, and the tiger stumbled before collapsing to the ground. The couple waited nervously, watching the tiger as it slowly began to get weaker.

Finally, the tiger’s breathing slowed, and it fell asleep in the far corner of the cage. Griffin and Karen let out a sigh of relief, knowing that they had successfully sedated the dangerous beast.

They quickly donned protective gear and entered the cage, carefully approaching the sleeping tiger. They examined it closely, noting the changes that had taken place due to their failed experiment, and taking the samples they needed.

Griffin and Karen knew that they had a lot of work to do to reverse the effects of their experiment and return the tiger to its former state. But for now, they were just relieved that they had managed to calm the animal down enough to get the samples they needed for testing.

As they left the cage, they turned to each other with a newfound sense of determination. They knew that the next 24 hours would be absolutely crucial, but with the samples could at least synthesize a solution to buy themselves more time.

He’s Incredible…

Sleeping in shifts, they took turns pouring over their notes and data, searching for any clue as to what had gone wrong.

Finally, after many long hours, they found the reason why their experiment had gone awry. They had miscalculated a crucial ingredient in the formula, which had led to the disastrous results.

They wasted no time dwelling on their mistake. They immediately got to work creating a cure for the tiger, based on their new findings, knowing that time was of the essence.

Miraculously, they managed to create the cure in just 12 hours,23 hours into their 24 hour timer. It was a breakthrough that they had never thought possible. Not only would this new formula reverse tony’s monstrous transformation, but it would make him years younger and stronger than he was before we got here.

There was no mistaking it, this would definitely work. They couldn’t wait to administer it to Tony to end this nightmare.

“Ok, we have four chances to get this right. All we have to do is hit him with one of these, and then we can leave this god forsaking place. (Sighs) I need a fucking vacation and a nap”

Says Griffin, talking to himself while loading the guns with the new compound they fashioned into dart-tipped hypodermic needles.

Karen: What?

Griffin: Nothing… get the suits.

Just as Griffin finished loading the last two doses into the second gun, Karen let out a blood-curdling scream. Griffin spun around his heart racing, and saw the tiger repeatedly ramming the bars of its cage with terrifying force.

The bars were beginning to give, and Griffin knew that they had to act fast. He reached around and grabbed one of the guns, quickly turning back around to see Karen slowly backing up next to him, her face frozen in shock.

“Oh my god… he’s incredible.” Griffin stares at tony getting closer, his face a look of fear being overcome by one of admiration for what he was witnessing.
Tony had ballooned beyond belief and was now over 18 feet long. His calm stride filled the air with a sinister presence as he approached the second gate – all that stood between him and us now…

Griffin: Karen, listen closely. I have two doses loaded in this gun, I’m going to shoot him with one of them. When I do, run as fast as you can to the next room.


Griffin: “We’re going to be ok. Once i shoot him, get to the other side… Ready?!”

Griffin aimed the gun at the towering figure of Tony the Tiger, the once-beloved companion was now a giant feral beast. The creature snarled and roared as it charged towards them, its thick fur and massive claws making it look like a creature straight out of a M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Griffin fired off a shot, but the dart-tipped hypodermic needle with the cure they had developed bounced harmlessly off Tony’s now impenetrable skin. “Dammit!” Griffin cursed, frantically looking through the small mounted scope trying to find a weak spot on Tony.

Karen stood frozen beside him, her eyes wide with fear. “What do we do?” she cried out.

“Run!” Griffin yelled, grabbing her arm and pulling her towards the front of the lab. But before they could make their escape, Tony crashed through the last bars blocking their way and charged into the main lab.

Griffin swore under his breath and reached for the other gun, the one that held the two remaining samples of the cure. “Karen, keep moving!” he ordered, his voice tight with tension.

But Karen was too scared to move. “I can’t just leave you!” she protested.

Griffin shook his head. “You have to, Karen. I’ll catch up with you. Just keep running!”

Tony was thrashing about in the lab, tearing apart equipment and causing chaos. Griffin took aim, trying to find a weak spot in the creature’s armor-like skin. But no matter where he fired, the darts just bounced off harmlessly.

“Come on, you big ugly wrinkled pussy,” Griffin muttered under his breath. “Give me something to work with here.”

Tony suddenly roared, lunging towards Griffin with its massive jaws open wide. The scientist leaped out of the way just in time, narrowly avoiding being torn apart.

Karen had made it to the exit, but she couldn’t bear to leave Griffin behind. “What are we going to do?” she shouted, her voice barely audible over the sound of Tony’s enraged growls.

Griffin dropped the now empty gun, and doubled his grip on the one he grabbed with the remaining two doses of the cure. “We’re going to have to find a way to get this into his system. It’s our only hope.”

Karen nodded, still looking terrified. “But how?”

Griffin’s mind raced, trying to come up with a plan. “I don’t know yet. But we have to keep moving before he catches up. We’re fishes in a barrel in here”

Together, they fled down the hall, with Tony’s roars echoing behind them, lights flashing and sirens blaring as security protocols were activated. Over the intercom system, a voice spoke in frantic tones:

“Security personnel! We have a situation in Lab 5! A giant tiger has been spotted by surveillance cameras rampaging through the lab!”

The Adventures of Griffin and Karen Tony Donskoy Part 2 -Tony the tiger is loose

[The security camera footage shows a peaceful laboratory with scientists working on various experiments. Suddenly, a huge tiger bursts through the door, sending the scientists running in terror. The tiger starts rampaging through the lab, knocking over equipment and tearing apart anything in its path.]

Security Officer 1 [sounding frantic over the intercom]: “Attention all personnel! This is a security alert. We have a giant tiger loose in the lab! I repeat, we have a giant tiger loose in the lab! Please evacuate immediately and seek shelter in a secure location. Security personnel are en route to contain the threat. Threat level red.”

[The security system in the lab goes off, with alarms blaring and emergency lights flashing. The security personnel rush towards the lab, armed with tranquilizer guns and other equipment.]

Security Officer 2 [through the intercom]: “This is Security Officer 2. We’re on our way to the lab. Please stand by for further instructions.”

[The security team arrives at the lab and cautiously approaches the entrance, passing Griffin and Karen rushing down the hall. They can hear the tiger roaring inside, and the sounds of glass breaking and metal bending.]

Griffin: “Those tranquilizers won’t work on him, his skin has gotten too tough. You need real bullets”

Griffin shouts, desperately trying to get the attention of one of the officers.

Security Officer 1 [over the radio]: “This is Security Officer 1. We have eyes on the tiger. It’s in the main lab area, tearing apart the equipment. We need to tranquilize it and get it out of here before it causes more damage.”

As the security team entered the laboratory, they could see the devastation wrought by the giant mutated tiger. Equipment was smashed, chemicals spilled on the ground, and the air was thick with the stench of fear and chaos. The security team could hear the roars of the beast echoing through the halls, shaking the walls around them as they remained in a tight formation headed towards the lab door.

Griffin: “Sergeant, your men are committing suicide. Tony’s skin has gotten too thick to be penetrated by those tranquilizers. They need real bullets.”

Sergeant [whispering]: “Alright team, let’s move in slowly and quietly. We don’t want to provoke the tiger any further.”

The sergeant commands over the radio, pushing Griffin back, his attention fixed on the CTV monitors showing the men walking to the entrance, and the other showing the Tiger ripping apart the room.

Griffin: “Sergeant, please. You’re about to kill your men. Get them out now! You need bigger weapons.”

As they approached the main lab area, the security team saw the giant tiger tearing apart equipment and snarling fiercely. They took aim with their tranquilizer guns and fired, but to their horror, the darts bounced off the beast’s tough hide.

Sergeant: “What the hell! The tranquilizers aren’t working. Everyone switch to handguns, and let’s take this beast down!”

The security team pulled out their handguns and opened fire on the beast, but the bullets had no effect on the giant mutated tiger. The tiger turned toward the security team, roaring with fury and launching itself toward them.

(A bloody mix of screams and bullets blare through the radio and down the hall, the roars of the tiger shaking the entire building)

Griffin: “We need to get out of here now! He’s going to bring down this entire place.”

Karen: “Oh my god, he looks like he’s getting bigger”

Griffin: “Karen, lets go now!”

The Adventures of Griffin and Karen Tony Donskoy Part 2 - Hung-lo and his army

Kill my baby

Griffin, Karen, and the Sergeant burst through the door of the building, their lungs burning as they ran as fast as they could. Behind them, the sound of splintering wood and crumbling brick grew louder as Tony, the giant tiger, ripped apart the building they had just escaped from.

The trio emerged into the open air, gasping for breath, and found themselves face to face with Jim Hung-lo and half of his small army of men, each one brandishing a modified Type 88 AK-47 assault rifle. Mr. Hung-lo’s face was twisted in anger as he glared at Griffin and Karen.

“You fools!” he bellowed. “You put everything I’ve built over the last decade in danger! And now you’re running from that monster you created!”

Griffin and Karen knew he was right. They had been foolish to think they could control Tony after he mutated into this giant mutated force. But they had never imagined he would grow at such an accelerated pace, and turn on them and the people in the building so viciously.

Suddenly, a loud roar interrupted their conversation as Tony burst out of the building, his massive claws ripping apart the remaining walls. The tiger was in a frenzy, and it was clear he wouldn’t stop until he had killed everyone in sight.

Jim Hung-lo’s army took aim, firing their modified rifles at Tony, but it was like trying to stop a freight train with a BB gun. Tony charged forward, his massive jaws wide open, and lunged at Hung-lo.

Hung-lo stood his ground, his rifle aimed straight at the tiger’s head. But Tony was too quick, and he swiped at the rifle with his massive paw, sending it flying out of Hung-lo’s hands.

Griffin, Karen, and the Sergeant watched in horror as Tony pinned Hung-lo to the ground, his jaws closing in for the kill. But then, unexpectedly, Tony stopped, his ears perked up. He turned his head, his eyes focused on something in the distance.

A moment later, a helicopter appeared on the horizon, its blades chopping through the air as it approached. Tony turned and bounded away, disappearing into the jungle. The helicopter touched down with the remainder of the mercenary army, joining Jim Hung-lo and the other men.

Griffin approached Mr. Hung-lo, his head bowed in shame. “I’m so sorry, Mr. Hung-lo. Everything went so horribly wrong. We never meant for Tony to turn on us like this.”

Hung-lo’s face was stern, but there was a glimmer of something else in his eyes. “You should be sorry, Griffin. You and Karen turned by beloved friend into a monster and let him loose on my island, and now many of my people are dead because of it.”

Griffin nodded. “I know, and I take full responsibility for what happened. But we did find the cure, Mr. Hung-lo. We have the remaining two doses of the serum that will return Tony to normal and make him a young cub again, just like you wanted.”

Hung-lo’s eyes widened at this news. “You found the cure? And you have it with you?”

Griffin nodded and handed Hung-lo the gun with the remaining two doses. “Yes, but we still need to find a way to get it into Tony’s system. His skin is too tough to inject, but there must be another way to get a dose into him.”

Hung-lo took the gun and examined it closely. “I appreciate your efforts, Griffin. And I appreciate that you’re trying to make this right. Right now, our priority is to take down Tony before he escapes the island and reaches the mainland. If I don’t find a way to give him this cure, I will have to kill my baby.”

He turned to his men and barked out orders. “Split up into teams. Half of you on foot, the rest in the helicopter. We need to find Tony and take him down before it’s too late.”

Hung-Lo: “Seargent, if I don’t make it back initiate protocol yocowime”

(Griffin and Karen exchange stares of curiosity)

Seargent: “Yes Sir!” (salutes)

Hung-Lo: “Alright Men, move out!”

Griffin watched as the team split up and headed out, each one determined to contain the force of nature he and Karen unintentionaly let loose on the world.

(Primal roar in the distance)

Initiate yocowime

Hung-lo and his men charged into the dense jungle, their rifles at the ready. The giant hairless tiger, Tony, had mutated beyond recognition, and it had become their mission to bring him down. They moved in a tight formation, their eyes scanning the dense foliage around them.

The Adventures of Griffin and Karen Tony Donskoy Part 2 - Hung-lo mercenary army battles tony the tiger

Suddenly, the beast leaped out from behind a tree, its massive form silhouetted against the greenery. Hung-lo and his men opened fire, their armor-piercing bullets tearing through the thick hide of the tiger. The animal roared in pain, but it didn’t slow down. One by one the giant hairless feline picked off Hung-lo’s men.

“We need to try the serum!” Hung-lo shouted over the gunfire to the pilot.

“Get the helicopter in there!”

Hung-lo signaled to the pilot pointing to the back of Tony, and the helicopter swooped down low. With monstrous speed the giant cat spun around from ripping apart the men and lunged at the chopper, its razor-sharp claws tearing through the metal. The pilot struggled to keep the aircraft aloft, but it was no use. The helicopter spun out of control and crashed into the jungle floor.

Tony approached the downed chopper, his jaws open wide, ready to deal the final blow to Hung-lo. Hung-lo laid there, the gun with the remaining serum just inches away. But his mangled body could not make it that far. Before Tony got close enough to strike, Hung-lo used the last of his strength to radio back to his sergeant.

“Initiate Protocol Yocowime,” he said, his voice calm and steady.

The sergeant on the other end of the line hesitated for a moment, but then he nodded.

“Understood, sir,” he said.

There was a pause, and then a rumble shook the jungle. The ground beneath their feet began to tremble. Hung-lo’s remaining men stumbled and fell.

“What the hell is going on?” one of them shouted.

But Hung-lo knew. He had ordered the activation of the Yocowime protocol, a last resort in case of a catastrophic event.

He looked up at Tony, the giant hairless tiger who had been the cause of so much chaos and destruction.

“I’m sorry, my friend,” he said softly. “It shouldn’t have ended like this.”

Back at the complex, Karen and Griffin went into a panic hearing the order come over the radio.

“That is the second time we’ve heard that. What does that mean?” Karen said nervously.

The sergeant nodded grimly. “There’s no time to waste. You two need to leave. Now!” He said, grabbing a bottle of soju from the bottom drawer of one of the desks.

Griffin and Karen looked at each other, their eyes widening and the anxiety swelling in their stomach.

“But What does it mean

The Sergeant sighs and takes a sip.

“In 30 seconds, im going to push this button. That will initiate the protocol and start a self-destruct sequence for the island and sends a payload to destroy the castle of Mr Hung-lo’s cousin and sworn enemy.” explained the sergeant, taking another sip of Soju.

“Yocowime means ‘You’re Coming With Me’.”

Griffin and Karen exchanged a puzzled glance, then turned back to the sergeant.

“Come with us,” Griffin said. “We can all get out of here together.”

The sergeant shook his head. “There’s no sense. My wife and I were expecting, and she died in that lab. I have nothing left.”

Griffin and Karen’s hearts fell to their feet, trying to imagine the sergeant’s pain.

(Sergeant takes another sip and presses the button starting the sequence.)

“You two have 5 minutes, you better head to the marina.”

The sergeant gave them one last look then took a seat and turned around to view the site of the sun setting over the horizon, through the command center window.

The ground started trembling. Griffin and Karen sprinted towards the marina, their hearts pounding. They could hear the countdown in their heads, ticking away the precious seconds.

“Come on, come on,” Griffin muttered.

(3 minutes to go)

They burst through the trees and saw the marina ahead. They sprinted towards the nearest boat and started the engine.

“Let’s go!” Karen shouted.

(90 seconds)

Griffin gunned the engine, and the boat lurched forward. Just seconds out of the marina they heard a high-pitched swoosh and supersonic boom, looking up just in time to see a missile fly over their heads and disappear above, and then they heard the first explosion.

They could hear the explosions going off one at a time, like loud dominoes falling, and could feel the heat of the explosions behind them.

Griffin and Karen could hear the ground breaking behind them and saw the waves from the tremors growing, they still had to get clear of the island to avoid the boat being destroyed by the aftershocks of the explosions.

“Come on, come on,” Griffin muttered, glancing over his shoulder at the mushrooms of flames.

Karen held on tight to the rail, her eyes wide with worry. The boat sped towards the horizon, leaving the island behind.

They were now miles away and could no longer feel the tremors from the island. Griffin slowed the vessel as they both stood and watched the remaining explosions set off all around the island, the ground heaving and buckling, and the trees exploding into flames.

And then, in the distance, they heard it. The last mega-roar of Tony, the giant hairless tiger, as the island sank beneath the waves.

Griffin and Karen held onto each other, their hearts heavy with the knowledge of what had taken place on the island.

“This is all our fault.” Said Karen, her voice heavy with remorse.”

Griffin said nothing, he just held her.

It is not how they would have wished it to be, but they were alive, together and the nightmare was over. And for now, that was enough.

Stay tuned for their next experiment as they try to get their lives back on track to finish their work…

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