An Artistic Masterpiece: God’s Brushstroke

An Artistic Masterpiece: God’s Brushstroke


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The art you create
With a simple curve of your lips,
A brushstroke of joy
An instant masterpiece,
A smile that lights up my heart
Pulling it from gloom into peace.

The words you speak,
Like a soft melody they flow,
Each syllable a note,
A symphony of emotions in tow,
Your voice, a gift to my ears,
A harmony that only you can compose.

The kindness you show,
With every act of compassion,
A gesture of love,
A virtuoso in human connection,
Your touch, a balm to my soul,
Melting away all tension.

So let your artistry continue,
In every form it may take,
For your essence is a masterpiece,
A creation that will never break,
And I’ll forever cherish,
The beauty you so willingly make.

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